Port infrastructure

Port of Sciacca

The fishing and commercial harbour of Sciacca (class III) has two piers, the western and the eastern one, it has 600 berths, with a maximum length of 40 metres, and is generally crossed by libeccio and scirocco winds. It is equipped with three jetties, a slipway, three slipways, a fixed crane and two mobile cranes for lifting boats, seven warehouses for supplies to fishing boats, six machine shops, two 50-cubic-metre iceboxes for fish storage and a weather service. The port also has a petrol and diesel station located on the western quay (opening hours: daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.). The water supply is guaranteed by eight fountains and there is an auxiliary electrical supply on board. The port of Sciacca is enclosed between the Molo di Levante Esterno and the Molo di Ponente, within which is the old eastern pier, now called Molo di Levante Interno.

The Inner Levante Pier houses professional fishing boats, especially trawlers, and some motorboats for small-scale fishing. The outer eastern pier also hosts professional fishing boats, some trawlers and purse seiners. In the area adjoining the inner eastern pier there are numerous fishing-related facilities and activities such as warehouses, iceboxes, fuel stations and shipyards. In the area of the inner eastern pier known as the “paja”, part of the small fishing boats for which there are no other moorings are moored.

In the western pier there is a tourist harbour for pleasure boats, which is also the landing place for some motorboats at the beginning of the quay. There are three piers for pleasure craft: one is run by the Corallo nautical club (150 places) and two by the Lega Navale Italiana (300 places). Boats with a maximum length of 15/20 metres can stop there, depending on the availability of places. The two associations offer excellent services to boats in transit (electricity, water, toilets, video surveillance, laundry, bar service).

Port of Porto Empedocle

Today the harbour is formed by three piers because due to the winds blowing both from South and from East and West it became necessary to make it more sheltered. Thanks to this characteristic, today the port of Porto Empedocle is one of the best in Italy, easy to manoeuvre both in and out of, given the width of the mouth and with the inner basin always calm even on stormy days. The port is protected by two long piers (west and east). The inner quay Francesco Crispi divides the port into two areas: Avamporto and Porto Vecchio. Outside the eastern pier there is a protective reef with a SW trend. The following services are available: diesel fuel station at the quay, water and electricity connections, quay lighting, slipway, mobile crane up to 50 tons, outdoor and indoor storage, engine repairs, electrical and electronic repairs, steel and fibreglass hull repairs, sail repairs, guards, pilots, mooring, divers, fire-fighting service, waste collection, toilets and showers, weather service, ice sales, car parking, telephone booth. .

The areas reserved for pleasure boating are located in the second arm of the Crispi pier. 3 floating pontoons (2 52-metre and 1 24-metre pontoon), located within the port of Porto Empedocle are managed by Diporto Sea Assistance srl. The port of Porto Empedocle, as well as having a considerable relevance in the regional context for its commercial, industrial, oil, passenger service, tourist and recreational functions, also plays an important role in the regional fishing sector..

Harbour of Marinella di Selinunte

The small port of Marinella di Selinunte consists of a dock protected to the west by a curvilinear three-armed breakwater, partly banked internally, and to the east by another reef oriented to the SSW. Just west of the curvilinear breakwater is a pier that cannot be moored and juts out into the sea to the SSE; between the two lies a busy beach. The shallow waters only allow access to small boats. The areas reserved for pleasure boats are two piers of 50 and 30 m respectively, entering the dock on the starboard side, managed by the Yachting Club 83. There are the following services and equipment: fuel station at the quay, drinking fountain, 4 hose outlets, quay lighting, slipway, security guard, ice sales at the Coop. Neptune.

Other marinas

The small port of Porto Palo di Menfi is made up of a 550-metre-long breakwater and a 264-metre-long breakwater; it is frequented exclusively by fishing boats and does not offer any services for pleasure boats..

The small port of Siculiana Marina is protected by the eastern and western piers; only small boats can access it. The landing place is largely silted up.